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Customizable Welcome Screen Makes LobbyConnect Better Than Ever!


We've pushed out a bunch of new features and a handful of fixes, including customizable welcome screen images. The digital receptionist space has quite a few options, and we are continuing to evolve LobbyConnect to ensure it is the best visitor registration system available.

So what’s new in 1.2.0? Glad you asked ...

Customizable Welcome Screen Images

If you don't like the default image for the welcome screen that visitors see when they walk up to the lobby display, you can now create albums full of cute puppies (or whatever) to put on display when LobbyConnect is idle.

Flexible Fields

Many of you asked for more flexibility in the information you collect, so we added a new flexible field system that we are very excited about. You can now show and hide various fields and require them or make them optional if needed.

Even the photo capture can be toggled off during registration. We also added an email field, and in future updates we will continue adding to this functionality.

Also fixed in this update ...
  • LobbyConnect does not time out if your guests spend way too much time on their selfie.
  • Manual entry of IP address for label printers for badge printing.
  • Stability fixes for label printer code.

We love your feedback, so continue to send it in! 

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